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Are you ready to discover Integrative Chinese medicine: a medicine that supports and guides you as you create a lifetime of vibrant health and wellbeing? A Turning Point Center is committed to helping you and your family become as healthy and fully engaged in your lives as you want to be at all ages and stages of your lives.

More than health alone well being is based on balance joy and purpose within ourselves and our lives.  That means looking at all the influences that affect our bodies, minds and spirits day to day. For each of us it is unique combination.  We need to start by supporting and nourishing the innate healing capacity of our bodies and minds. We strengthen this core with discovering  how to balance rest, work, and play that brings joy and meaning rather than overwhelm. Do you want to know how to make nutrition/diet choices that energize and strengthen you?  Recipes that you savor? Ways to build emotional resilience and healthy relationships, while resolving the habits and obstacles that hold you back? Mindful meditation practices to build awareness and balance in all situations? These are the roots of physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

 While strengthening your innate healing capacities it is also necessary to restore health concerns or imbalances that occur.  We’ll do this together  through understanding and resolving the symptoms and discovering the root causes of your health concerns. I do this by combining the ancient wisdom of Integrative Chinese medicine, acupuncture, nutrition, botanical medicine, child family therapies, mindfulness awareness meditation practices with modern functional Western medicine. The outcome is to provide effective unique care solutions that heal specific problems and reveal and resolve underlying causes while restoring and supporting  your creation of a lifetime of vibrant health and vitality.

Treating Mothers, Children, & Families
With a Medicine for Life, All of it!

I have been practicing natural integrative medicine for 36 years; training and collaborating with leaders in the fields of Women’s Health, reproductive medicine, and integrative functional medicine in both Chinese and Western traditions.   Welcome to our partnership. Through working together,  your health concerns will be resolved while you gain the tools to grow and sustain a lifetime of vibrant health.

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