Optimal Well-Being

Optimal Health Well and Being
The Ground of Integrative Therapies

True healing comes from within.

At a Turning Point Center we are here to respond to your needs through the practice of Classical Chinese medicine, acupuncture, functional medicine and integrative therapies (Meditation, contemplative  practices, counseling, community and  support groups)

The pressures all of us experience in our diverse environments and our lifestyles in this stressful culture take a toll; physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Sometimes we become too hectic and distracted. Sometimes we become ill. Chinese medicine, acupuncture, functional medicine, and integrative therapies emphasize treating the whole person individually and initiating healing by supporting and strengthening the body and mind’s innate functions and ability to restore and heal itself.

These disciplines address your underlying constitution as well as symptoms you experience currently.  It works with the natural rhythms and cycles inside and outside of you to help initiate necessary changes and restore your natural function.

The root of the medicine states that we are able to bring health and wellbeing into our lives through discovering, nourishing and practicing  balance and harmony in all aspects of ours lives. Between all systems of our body, mind and spirit there is a naturally occurring alignment, communication, and integration.

Our bodies are naturally fluid and responsive.  When in a state of balance they play, move, talk to us, can bring balance and sustain health in each moment. We all know this experience of bringing balance to ourselves and our lives, even for awhile.

As we develop this ability of balance and self understanding through practice, we can respond to our partners, families, children, our work, and communities with an open heart and mind.

Self Care Consultations

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