True Healing: Mom’s Know How to Empower Themselves First with Self Compassion

April 24th, 2018

Moms everywhere, know that being a mother is hard work. Everyday, every single day. Each one.

If you were like me, you prepared for & practiced for your birth. You were ready. But once you gave birth you found yourself in an entirely different world, one that was unknown, uncertain. That was your first day as a parent. Only the beginning.

The transitions of discovering what it means to meet and support your child’s needs and your own are challenging: discoveries about two new people, changing constantly every minute.

As Moms we are the most important resource for our child. Though we can do it for others, research shows that almost 80% of us treat others with more compassion and kindness than we offer to ourselves.

From my experiences and those of Moms I work with, I know that caring for yourself is renewing, restoring, and as necessary as breathing!

We, as women, feel guilty and judgmental about giving enough time to and for our own needs. At times, we don’t know what we need. Frequently we are reluctant to ask for support or help. No matter what we think or have learned, denying these needs doesn’t work. Time to make another choice.

We must rediscover our natural rhythms and bring that flow back to our lives. Then we’ll be able to live from our hearts; from what we truly value, what gives the most meaning and purpose. It’s essential, especially for us as women and moms.

How do we do it? It begins with an acceptance of all that we are.
One important key to do this is Self Compassion.

Surprisingly, compassion ( patience, kindness, empathy, care, and nurture ) for others begins first with ourselves. We start by connecting and trusting our true inner wisdom, which is naturally compassionate: openhearted, open minded, kind, and generous.

Self compassion, a way of being, and a practice is rooted in that open heartedness, and a willingness to show up in our lives without knowing or controlling the outcome.

We can explore this through becoming aware of all of who we are and accepting ourselves without judgment. That means embracing all that we experience as it is, moment-to-moment. The experiences that bring happiness as well as pain.

A unique focus of self compassion is embracing ourselves with warmth, gentleness, and tenderness, particularly when in the middle of painful challenging moments.

Self compassion is about connecting to and trusting our inner heart wisdom, always with us. As we make this discovery, strengthen and develop it in practice it becomes natural to us. Through practicing self compassion, we become more open, and able to accept being vulnerable.

By using this path and practice, we learn how to trust these qualities as our strengths. Being kind to ourselves, we can recognize, accept, and heal the thoughts and beliefs that cause pain and limit us.

It has been shown that self compassion benefits our health physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Remarkably, studies show, self compassion combined with relaxation, fun, and play results in greater productivity! We’re more productive and effective when we choose and develop new ways that allow our body and mind to rest, and get in touch with the refreshing and healing elements inside and around us crucial to go beyond surviving to thriving.

Our self compassion is our foundation for our lives. It’s the root of taking care of yourself. It’s a gift for you and one you can share and give to your child.

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