About Nicole Thiel

 Empower Yourself Create a Lifetime of Vibrant Health and Wellbeing with Integrative Chinese Medicine

 Offering Working Women & Moms a Medicine for Life…all your life.

Health and vibrant wellbeing is based on creating regulation, balance and integration within ourselves and our lives. I believe our health is influenced by the unique way in which our individual biochemical and genetic makeup interacts with everything that affects our body, mind and heart/ spirit. I believe in supporting the innate healing capacity of our body and mind and heart in the following ways.

Offering a  patient centered medicine that treats the whole person throughout your life.

  • Physically through understanding and addressing the symptoms, and the root causes of health concerns, both known and hidden.
  • You know your emotional health is essential for integration, regulation and balance in all aspects of our health and lives. Addressing Emotional and mental habits, beliefs and behaviors can nourish us. We must resolve to remove what hold us back in patterns that do not serve us.
  • How we cultivate are our relationships ( with ourselves and with our community )

I combine Chinese medicine, (acupuncture, nutrition, herbal medicine) meditation and psychotherapy with functional Chinese and the best research available from Western medicine. The outcome is to heal specific problems and provide genuine preventive health care and wellness to meet the unique needs of each patient.

I have been practicing natural integrative medicine for 36 years.

Training and collaborating with leaders in the fields of Women’s Health, reproductive medicine, and integrative functional medicine in both Chinese and Western traditions. A Turning Point Center is committed to helping you and your family in your journey of wellbeing to become as healthy and fully engaged in your lives as you can be at all ages and stages of your lives .At a Turning Point Center we are here to respond to your needs through the practice of Classical Chinese medicine, acupuncture,herbal medicine, functional medicine and integrative therapies.

Nicole Thiel, Owner Turning Point Center MAOM, L.Ac., MFCT, NCCAOM Diplomat

Hi, I’m Nicole Thiel, a licensed classical acupuncturist, Chinese medical practitioner, psychotherapist, and meditation teacher who integrates these disciplines to restore body, mind and spirit. I specialize in working women and family health and well being, treating all stages of women’s reproductive wellness-beginning with enhancing fertility, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, parenting, pediatrics, child and family medicine.

I offer comprehensive, gentle and compassionate care responsive to you, your health and well being. My unique, integrated approach offers all modalities of Chinese medicine, including acupuncture, Chinese herbs, nutritional advice with dietary support. Mind body therapies and meditative practices help bring emotional balance, awareness and well-being to all aspects of your life. Combining these modalities strengthens effective outcomes while offering you choices in treatment. A Turning Point Center, provides a warm, peaceful environment, which allows you to feel comfortable in openly discussing your needs.

As a graduate of the Pacific College Chinese Medicine, Naropa Institute, and the University of California, Berkeley (Integrative Endocrinology), I have trained and collaborated with leaders in the fields of Women’s Health, reproductive medicine, and integrative functional medicine in both Chinese and Western traditions. I have trained and taught emerging physicians at Columbia, John’s Hopkins and

Collaborating with your other caregivers such as physicians, midwives, nurse practitioners, and therapists enables me to offer you the most comprehensive and effective care. Creating these partnerships ensures the most beneficial outcome for your health. Working together with you as a partner, we create a treatment plan which best suits your strengths, and needs.

I welcome the opportunity to speak with you and answer any questions you may have in a complimentary phone consult.

I work with women, children, and families to provide specialized and focused care in the areas described here.

Please call 240-595-4331 for consultation and scheduling appointments or contact Nicole here.


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