Success Stories

Nicole does a great job of considering the whole person when she is looking at solutions. I truly have come to appreciate this holistic view. She not only applied acupuncture and prescribed herbs but she also looked at diet and stress relief techniques that helped me better regulate my ovulation cycle and manage pain, as well as manage my stress, allergies, and headaches. I was able to become pregnant on my first round of IVF and she treated me through my pregnancy. A pregnancy in which there were no major complications, very little nausea, and a full term birth of my beautiful, now one-year-old baby girl!

She really knows her stuff and is kind and compassionate!

Alexandria, Virginia

I began acupuncture treatment and herbs with Nicole following surgery for uterine fibroids. I was hoping to become pregnant, so treatment focused on healing from surgery and then getting my entire body and menses on a healthier reproductive path. I felt better after my first session, and then quickly began seeing positive results in the lengthening of my cycle (something the fertility specialist assured me would NEVER happen – he felt strongly IVF was the solution, but I wanted to take some time to explore more natural, less invasive alternatives).

Nicole asked me to wait three 3 months before trying to get pregnant – she felt this time was needed to help my body heal and be in the best position for a healthy and successful pregnancy. After trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant for three years, I was a bit impatient, but I committed myself to the process and admittedly was feeling much better overall with the acupuncture and herbs. I felt calmer, clearer, was sleeping better, and felt a positive flow of energy throughout my body. I really felt a connection between mind and body, and for the first time in a long while, I really felt like everything was working together in harmony. So, on the fourth month we began trying to get pregnant – we were successful in that first month – I couldn’t believe it! Nicole treated me through the entire pregnancy and helped keep me feeling great. I now have a very healthy 9 month old baby girl and am working on the next one!

My work with Nicole was a very positive and successful journey towards having a child. Nicole was always extremely supportive, knowledgeable, and positive in her guidance and treatment. Although I didn’t always want to hear it, she reminded me of the role nutrition played in my day to day moods, as well as my overall reproductive health. She helped me to incorporate tactics for diminishing stress and gaining overall balance in my life as well. I have been seeing Nicole for just over 1.5 years now, and I can honestly say that my health has improved, I feel terrific, and my family is expanding!

Washington, DC

Nicole is a highly-trained healer whose expertise in Chinese medicine and acupuncture, as well as supplement use, brought me through several difficult life transitions in the past seven years I’ve been seeing her. l’ve benefitted greatly from her vast knowledge of Chinese herbs as well as general dietary recommendations for maintenance. She took me from an incredibly unhealthy physical and mental state to one of extreme relief after I experienced several devastating losses in a short period of time. The energy that I felt during her acupuncture treatments was something I’d not experienced before her treatments.

She is, in short, a Master at her craft. Her home-office is extremely pleasant and provides her clients with a private, Zen experience with water elements and soft music which often puts me into a deep meditative state. She cleared up an inner ear issue that had been bothering me for years through acupuncture and herbal formulas. Previously I’d had to take high doses of steroids for treatment which were not effective and had side effects. Her prices for acupuncture, herbs and supplements are reasonably competitive for this area. I highly recommend her!

Washington, DC

Nicole embodies several different traditions of healing. She is an intuitive, a psychotherapist, an herbalist and acupuncturist. Over the past 20 years, I have experienced her wisdom as both patient and colleague.

I love her enthusiasm for the ancient traditions of meditation and Oriental medicine and am grateful to be the beneficiary of her ongoing fresh approach to the unraveling the intricate and often confusing nature of imbalances that we confront as human beings.

She perceives the multiple layers of imbalance and can not only bring her finely honed skills to treat same, but offers insight into their origins. Nicole’s commitment to explore and contemplate the subtleties of mind/body/spirit connections through extensive study and inquiry make her a practitioner one can trust to find solutions and strategies for a vast array of imbalances. She is a practitioner who not only inspires, offers hope, but one you can count on to bring you to your healing and beyond.

Although I tried to pretend I was fine, for years I had suffered from intense, painful menstrual cramps, short menstrual cycles, chronic anxiety and stress and depression. At the age of 35, I had uterine fibroid surgery and another fibroid surgery two years later. When my husband and I wed in 2004, neither of us thought we would have any issues trying to conceive. Until the fibroids, I had never really been sick. However, after years of fertility charting and trying both on our own and with Western medicine, I was told that with my age and my high FSH the outlook was grim. Sure enough, after one try with IVF the only thing I had to show for my effort were four empty follicles. We were devastated to say the least, and I could feel my frustration level reaching the breaking point.

I had read articles that stress and anxiety can contribute to infertility but I didn’t think they were talking about me because I didn’t “see” myself as stressed. Over the years I had become an expert at hiding my frustrations and emotional pain though internally I was paying the price. By the time I was referred to Nicole’s practice, I was convinced I had already tried everything — vitamins, herbs, meditation, yoga, other alternative therapies—and nothing else could possibly be done. I had lost my confidence. After my first acupuncture treatment with Nicole, she helped me release emotions I had been keeping buried for years. After she gave me a few more treatments and saliva testing, I learned that I was in adrenal fatigue. My body had given up on trying to reproduce because it was too busy just trying to get me through the day. She designed a diet and herbal protocol for me to follow and offered suggestions for exercise along the way. I kept up with weekly acupuncture treatments and the protocols. A little over a year later, there have been several positives. I have moved into a less stressful job, my husband and I have enjoyed many activities together more so than in the past, and my menstrual cycles are more regulated and without pain. I truly believe I have seen significant improvements in my health and well-being because Nicole goes out of her way to address the WHOLE person, not just the symptoms at the surface. It is for that reason that I recommend her services to everyone. I now feel more optimistic that I will conceive on my own very soon.

Silver Spring, MD
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