Herbal Medicine

Herbs and herbal formulas including food are integral to Chinese Medicine, whether used alone or in conjunction with other modalities. Most herbal prescriptions have been developed over years of research and clinical experience proving to be safe and effective. Each herbal formula is carefully selected based on its nature, the channels of energy it affects, and the conditions it treats. How will it effect you? Most importantly the prescriptions and dosages are carefully tailored to each individual’s constitution, health concerns and wellbeing. As you progress through treatment, your formulas will change with you.

The formulas that are developed work simultaneously to treat your overall health as well as specific conditions. They are designed to prevent side effects and to work with accompanying medications that you might be taking. They come in several forms, pills, tinctures, and granules.

Great care is taken to insure that all-herbal medicines are SAFE, by meeting the highest cGMP international standards (used by pharmaceutical companies). Turning Point Center uses organic herbs certified by independent labs. Many formulas come from the following companies: John Chen at Evergreen Herbs an OMD and PHD pharmacologist, Blue Poppy, Crane herbs in partnership with the Cleveland clinic, Kan, Kamwo. All drug and herb interactions are taken into account.

Herbal medicines are prescribed and monitored to insure their effectiveness and safety. I take every precaution to ensure a supportive and healing experience – and your peace of mind. This entails immaculate cleanliness as well as utmost care in providing acupuncture and herbs. As practiced by well-trained and licensed practitioners, acupuncture are as close to risk-free as anything gets. The same goes for herbs: prescribed by a board-certified herbalist and procured from reputable suppliers, independently tested and analyzed they are very safe.

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